Are you thinking of getting caregiver services for your elderly loved one? Then, be sure to get someone from a home care agency you can trust. You’re probably wondering why you need to consider home care for the senior. Obviously, senior home care means not depriving your parent or grandparent of the things and activities he enjoys inside the comfort of his home. 

Instead of taking him to a nursing home or assisted living facility, why not let an older adult stay home and receive the senior care he needs? There are many types of care for your elderly loved one.

Why Get the Services?

Nowadays, more and more families are hiring caregivers for their senior loved ones who decide to stay in their home as they age. Indeed, they’d rather receive care at home than go to a nursing home or facility for assisted. Is it your first time to deal with a home care agency for your loved one? Then, you must know your reasons for getting the services from them. Here are some of them:

  • Better Quality of Life Spent

As the senior in your family ages, you surely want to spend the most out of his precious and limited time. Additionally, with this short time, you definitely want to give your parent or grandparent all the best care he needs. However, if you cannot be with your loved one all the time, don’t worry because there are home care services you can get for him. 

  • Total Comfort and Convenience

Indeed, you wouldn’t want to see your elderly loved one suffering or in pain. He deserves all the comfort in life and a 24 hour senior care can give him that. Care services include medication reminders and assistance with grooming and bathing, to name two.

  • Peace of Mind

As you parent or grandparent ages, it surely is not easy for both him and his family members. Therefore, if you see him receiving senior care, you will undoubtedly have that peace of mind which you will never regret later on.

  • Unconditional Love for the Senior

Undoubtedly, you love your parent or grandparent, and you certainly don’t want anything else but the best care for them. Regardless of the stage, he/she is in life, your loved one will surely feel the love because he is receiving the proper care they deserves. 

The Caregiver Services to Have

Nothing beats the comfort and security you feel at home. Definitely, it is the primary goal of every caregiver to allow your loved one to continue enjoying the same comfort and safety with his or her assistance and support. Specifically, Innovative Homecare Solutions, Inc. can provide all your senior care needs. Below are the primary services offered.

1. Live-In Care

This type of day-to-day care offers a better alternative than confinement in a nursing home. It provides home health support and assistance with activities of daily living in the comfort of home.

2. Companion Care

This service is perfect for older adults living solo. Caregivers providing companion care keep an elderly individual company, to share meaningful conversations with. More so, the care provider accompanies the senior for grocery shopping, and guarantee his safety all the time.

3. Personal Care

This is simply hiring a personal assistant for the older adult in your family. As such, the caregiver can help your parent or grandparent with getting into and out of bed, host transfers, mobility, dressing and undressing, toileting, and showering. He can also assist with the patient’s personal grooming, which includes shaving, hair care, and applying makeup.

4. Homemaking and Light Housekeeping

A caregiver service that helps create a clean, safe and comfortable living environment for your senior loved one. This way, he can stay at home and live independently with so much confidence and security.

5. Respite Care

This usually refers to short-term care at a senior community. Typically, it typically takes place in memory care or assisted living community.

6. Post-Hospitalization Care Services

The primary goal of this service is to guarantee and consistently comply with the recovery plan of the senior after hospital discharge.

7. Transportation and Travel Companionship

The service usually provides exceptional care, transportation, and travel companionship during your parent or grandparent’s travels.

8. Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care

This is a service that allows the senior in your family to be sure he or she maintains the independence of his or her daily routines and surroundings. Importantly, the Alzheimer’s care is made available in your loved one’s home.

9. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Care

Care agencies like the Innovative Homecare Solutions, Inc. provides non-medical care for people with a serious illness like ALS Care. Essentially, the goal is to improve the quality of life for both the client and his family members. You can avail of Innovative Homecare’s services at any age and any stage of your illness, be it long-term or short-term, as well.

10. Veterans Care

This type of caregiver service offers affordable home care for aging veterans and surviving spouses by obtaining the Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit.

The Homecare Agency You Can Trust

Now that you know the 10 services that can provide proper elderly care for your loved one, it’s time to hire a caregiver. This person can give your parent or grandparent the adequate assistance he needs hour-by-hour a day. But what if you don’t know where to get the perfect fit for your senior loved one’s home care needs? Worry no more because we at Innovative Homecare Solutions can help you.

Indeed, we pride ourselves on being friendly, competent, and dedicated to improving our clients’ lives. We offer Live-In Care or Come & Go Care, which we also call the hourly care. Call us anytime at (630) 225-0100. To know more about the services we offer, visit