Did you know that bubble tea, which is now popularly called pearl milk tea, has been existing since the 80’s decade and it originated in Taiwan around that time? If you have been drinking milk tea because it’s the trend nowadays and you want to go with it, think again. There are lots of health benefits of milk tea can bring you, and we are emphasizing here, 10 of them.


Benefits of Milk Tea: 10 Reason Why It Is Good for Your Health

As mentioned, there are many health benefits of tea. Adding milk to this beverage makes it not just more flavorful but advantageous, as well. The free radicals and antioxidants in tea are what make them worthier to drink. Below are the 10 other reasons why you should drink milk tea:

  1. Provides strength for the body
    • Aside from the compounds above, milk has a lot of different components, making it suitable for health. First, milk makes the body stronger. Specifically, its calcium content makes the bone stronger that you can do your daily activities efficiently.
  2. A great source of energy
    • Undoubtedly, a glass of milk produces energy for the body to function well. The carb content, as well as the other elements milk,  has, also makes the body stronger, resulting in too much energy. Therefore, more things can be done after you drink milk.
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  3. Fairer and softer skin
    • For quite some time now, we have all believed that milk makes our skin look bright and good. Therefore, the health benefits of milk are not just for our body, but our skin, as well.
  4. Reduces stress
    • More often than not, our stress comes from a lot of things. When you drink milk tea, you’ll be less stressed in any given situation as milk itself, decreases tension.
    • Refreshes the body. Milk tea has caffeine, too, and this refreshes the body.
  5. Functions as an anti-inflammatory
    • Milk tea has an anti-inflammatory agent functioning as an antioxidant in tea.
  6. Effective for weight loss
    • Milk tea can also function as an agent for both fattening and weight loss. If you want to gain weight, the fat compound of milk in milk tea can help. And, if you want to lose weight, milk tea works too, as a dietary agent by the polyphenol and caffeine. These are compounds in milk tea that help lose weight.
  7. Stress-resistant
    • Aside from reducing stress, milk tea functions as an antioxidant too, that resists stress.
  8. Mood enhancer
    • With this milk tea, you are also drinking black tea. The black tea, on the other hand, has a component called I-theanine, which boosts or enhances a good mood.
  9. Creates a consistently positive feeling
    • Milk tea generally has a good taste and drinking a beverage with a flavor you like gives you that positive feeling, right? More so, just thinking of all the health benefits milk tea brings is already reason enough to feel good while drinking it.
  10. Good for the heart
    • If you drink more than 3 cups of tea alone, it can cut the risk of heart disease. According to The Daily Telegraph, tea alone can strengthen the bone. The risk can even be reduced if the tea is mixed with tea as milk has many other health benefits which you can combine with the tea health benefits.

Milk Tea Compounds that Make the Drink Healthy

milk tea benefits

The content milk tea has more often than not; the main reason why a lot of people still consider it a healthy drink. Three of the most prevalent compounds specifically make this popular drink an advantageous beverage:

  • Carbohydrate – Regularly drinking a glass of milk provides energy for your body because of the carbs it contains. Don’t we all need carbohydrates to boost our energy and efficiently attend to all our activities for the day?
  • Mineral – This is one of the most vital components found in Milk Tea, as well, that the body needs. Minerals have various functions in the body.
  • CalciumThis is the first compound milk has. It is among the elements the body needs, especially for a growing boy or girl. The calcium in milk functions well for the bone, and the good thing about it is that even adults can consume milk filled with calcium.

But Too Much Milk Tea Consumption can be a Problem

Milk tea is a great alternative or even replacement to soda if you are a regular drinker of this beverage. But despite its health benefits, it is still essential to know your limitations when it comes to how often and how much you should drink. Health research found that too much consumption of milk tea can lead to specific health conditions like diabetes, for one.

Below are some of the adverse effects you might encounter:

  1. Anxiety
    • While a variety of tea like chamomile and green tea is famous for their soothing properties, at times, there are side effects too, especially if you have excessively consumed them like anxiety, for one. Even though tea activates the brain cells for calming down, if you drink too much of it, it can lead to a brain imbalance, which, in turn, leads to anxiety.
  2. Insomnia
    • Overloading with caffeine, which milk tea has can result in sleep disorders such as insomnia. As in coffee, tea, mainly black tea, an ingredient for brewing milk tea is caffeine-filled. And, when your body is filled with this component, especially in the afternoon, it can result in insomnia.
  3. Oily skin and pimples
    • One of the most apparent side effects of milk tea is the appearance of pimples, specifically on your face. If you drink just enough of it, milk tea helps in detoxifying your body. However, excessive drinking can generate too much heat and result in a body chemical imbalance, which in turn, may result in pimples outbreak.
  4. Constipation
    • The caffeine tea contains a form of a chemical known as theophylline. If you excessively drink the milk tea, the said chemical can lead to extreme constipation due to the dryness and dehydration it brings your body.
  5. May result in Type 2 Diabetes
    • Here’s some bad news about drinking too much milk tea fans. If you don’t cut back on this guilty pleasure, you may be prone to acquiring Type 2 diabetes. Health experts recommend an amount of this milk tea each week, which is just a large serving, and that’s it.

How To Make Bubble Tea

Do you want to make your own Bubble Tea? Check this short video with step by step procedure on how to make your very own homemade Bubble Tea.