Whether we like it or not, we will all get old, and our life expectancy will change, as well. Even the most beautiful person in the universe reaches a certain age when she feels old. There are ways to avoid this feeling, and the good news is, there are secrets of aging gracefully which you will discover here. Such a revelation will help you feel good about yourself, so, you will live longer like the other older people because of the positive outlook aging gracefully can bring you.

Of course, we all want to look our best as we grow older. Women especially, are on point from head to toe, carry themselves like they really mean it, resisting aging with each step. So, what do they do to age with grace? As you go through the secrets below, you will discover that aging gracefully has something to do with caring for the body, hair, skin, and physical fitness.

Secrets of Coping with Aging Revealed

Imagine yourself looking in the mirror, and as you do, you feel you’ve aged just overnight. Similarly, you suddenly see saggy skin in the reflection with new a few lines traced on your face. Other than these, you see yourself in the mirror looking so tired, not to mention looking fat. Indeed, you’ve gained some weight due to old age, but you can avoid the same feeling through these secrets:

1. Celebrate Milestones of Your Life

celebrate milestone

Celebrate each birthday by partying in how far you’ve reached, as well as all the experiences you’ve encountered. The party or celebration need not be that grand. You can just do something so meaningful to you. Instead of hiding it, be proud to tell everyone your age!

2. Apply Anti-Aging Creams Around Your Eyes as Your Home Remedy

This is a practical at-home strategy to make your eyes look forever young. Simply soak a pair of cotton balls in a container of ice-cold milk and squeeze them out to position a cotton ball over every eye. Cold milk compresses the blood vessels to prevent puffiness. More so, the fat which whole milk contains will replenish and moisturize your dry skin.

3. Personalize Your Skin Care Regimen and Routine

skin care regime

You can’t avoid the changes in your complexion as you age. This means that you need to adjust the products you apply on your skin to get all the benefits. When you buy skin care products, choose the one formulated with strong exfoliating ingredients like retinol that helps remove fine lines. Additionally, opt for the product rich in alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs and vitamin C for hyper-pigmentation and lighterage spots.

4. Try Standing on Your Head

standing on your head

Do you know that if you stand on your head for 5 minutes each day, you will no longer need any facelift because by doing the simple physical movement, you fight gravity and delay your aging process. This is also a super fun activity, and by merely having fun, you will look much younger.

5. Don’t Resist the Gray Hair

gray hair

A lot of women are automatically covering up their gray hair. You can carry the changing hair color just like how actress Meryl Streep does. But if you feel that leaving your hair just like how it should be, does not make you feel comfortable, there are dyes you can apply on your hair.

6. Treat Makeup Set and Tools as Investments

If you have radiant skin, you can guarantee a more youthful look. Therefore, you need the correct applicators and cosmetics to make this happen. Relatively natural brushes more appropriate for the even application of dry makeup such as eye shadows and powdered blush. 

7. Use Only Spa Lotion for Constantly Soft Skin

apply anti-aging

If the lotion you are using is the typical non-spa one, try to add several drops of essential oils to result in a relaxing feeling. To guarantee that relaxing feeling, use lavender. For energy booster and circulation, use citrus. And, if you want to achieve blemished skin, use tea tree oil.

8. Make it a Habit to Apply Sunscreen Even Indoors

Never skimp on sunblock, especially when spending the day at the beach. However, you may not be too conscious about SPF while commuting every day or even when spending the day indoors as harmful UV rays can also enter the home windows, office and car. So as not to forget about the application of sun protector, apply an all-in-one moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. These skin products typically have anti-aging formulation such as Vitamin E for conditioning, and licorice root for brightening.

9. Make Regular Exercise a Must

light exercise

The exercise need not be too strenuous either be it long. Moving and exercising at least 10 minutes each day can correct your body alignment, and while you do your stretching and strengthening. This kind of move can keep your spine flexible. Thus, you can avoid or at least delay attaining a brittle spine which is one sign of aging.

10. Take Vitamin B Regularly

You can potentially get the necessary B3 supply, a vitamin helping to treat osteoarthritis, not to mention lessening the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. And when it comes to your skin, It is ideal for applying Vitamin B, which is also topically popular as niacin. 

4 Aging Signs and How to Fight Them Gracefully

Aside from being more prone to certain illnesses like high blood pressure, you will notice some physical changes in your skin when you grow older. Don’t panic if you see one or all of the signs below. There are ways to fight them gracefully. Read on!

1. Early Signs of Sun Spots 

Apply skin products with retinol as this component helps minimize pore’s appearance, as well as the presence of sunspots. Additionally, retinol helps in reducing blemishes. You can treat early signs of sunspots by using sunscreen, your protection against UVB and UVA ultraviolet rays. These, on the other hand, help fight damage and avoid more from occurring and recurring. 

2. Small Fine Lines

To avoid or delay the appearance of fine lines, change your makeup or cosmetics because, as we start to age, our skin begins to dry, as well. Avoid the use of powders because they absorb moisture and oils. Use cream foundation instead, or tinted moisturizer to form a smooth and soft surface. Use the recommended products regularly to make the fine lines less noticeable.

3. Crow’s Feet

Again, retinol product is ideal for this sign of aging as it helps rejuvenate the wrinkles on the skin. If you have sensitive skin that the retinol product may irritate you, especially your eyes, opt for the antioxidant one. Besides, regular application of the antioxidant cream for the eye can help prevent any damage.

4. Dryness

Exfoliate regularly with glycolic acid to eliminate flaky, dry skin and improve cell turnover and do this about two to three times a week. For those with sensitive skin, you can start applying the product just once a week. And, if you have the money, you can visit a dermatologist for a more thorough treatment like the glycolic peel. As a result, your skin will glow and look noticeably youthful again.