Does your elderly loved one find it quite difficult to attend to his daily physical personal needs? Are activities like showering, moving around his place and even running errands? Significantly, what you need for him then, are assisted services to let him live a normal life inside his home. This is part of the live-in care services most home care agencies offer.

You can certainly get the support you need for your loved one every day, lives as independent as possible. Deciding whether or not to take your parent or grandparent to a nursing care facility can be quite a challenge. However, you don’t have to make leaving home a choice. Simply, there is a personalized assisted service hat can be done right at your parent’s very own home. 

What is assisted living?

This supportive living service is a residential choice for those who need help with most of their everyday activities. Relatively, this assistance involves preparing meals, going to the bathroom any time of the day especially during late at night, housekeeping, and attending appointments. One of the agencies that can offer assisted living service is Innovative Homecare Solutions, Inc. as its pool of specially trained caregivers provide more personal care.

As part of its service, Innovative’s assisted living facilities provide the security of all-day, all-night access to care. Consequently, with this home care provider, the senior in your family get a personalized plan that certainly meets his every need. Also, it accommodates his disabilities while enjoying his independence in doing whatever he can for himself.

12 Senior Housing Services to Benefit From

Getting help from a caregiver for assisted living service is beneficial for the senior at home especially with the assistance they get such as:

  1. Preparation for all meals every day and support with eating, walking, going to the bathroom, bathing, dressing, and eating
  2. Housekeeping services
  3. Round-the-clock
  4. Non-stop security
  5. Access to medical and health services
  6. Transportation assistance
  7. Emergency call system in every part of the resident’s house
  8. Wellness and exercise programs
  9. Management of the medicines the elderly is taking
  10. Recreational and social activities
  11. Laundry service
  12. Availability of the staff to assist with the schedule needs and unexpected circumstances

Know if assisted living is the right care service for your senior loved one

If you haven’t decided for the elderly in the family with regards to his retirement living, you might want to ask these questions about this continuing care:

Does your senior loved one need more help than what your family and friends can provide?

If the answer is yes, then, you need a care provider like the Innovative Homecare Solutions instead of considering the assisted living community.

With a senior in the family, how does safety matter to you?

Probably, the elderly in your household has limited mobility making it quite a challenge to get up from bed by himself. Or, possibly you hesitate what’s going to happen if he falls and cannot stand up easily, or encounter another problem or fall and getting up is again, quite hard. 

Do you find it a challenge to balance your time and energy between your busy work and caring for the older adult at home?

It takes a lot of responsibilities to assist a senior loved one in his daily living. With the caregivers of Innovative, a parent will still experience that homey atmosphere without the need for cooking, shopping for his own groceries, doing the laundry, and cleaning.

Is transportation a problem?

You probably find it challenging to drive your senior loved one, and public transportation is not a great option, as well. The good news is that one of the services included in assisted living is transportation assistance. Therefore, you can have your elderly family member get to his destination without the need to depend on his family, relatives, and friends.

Indications that an older adult might need the service

It is not always easy to determine when a senior at home needs more help. These signs might help you decide when it’s time to hire a care provider:

  • The fridge is empty fridge or fridge full of spoiled food.
  • The senior member of the household is losing weight because he is not eating well since buying food and cooking are challenging tasks for or cooking is difficult.
  • Frequent bruises are quite noticeable, and these may be signs of balance problems and mobility.
  • The older adult is wearing the same clothes almost every day and neglects to attend to his personal hygiene. This then is an indication of difficulty in doing the laundry or taking a bath.
  • Both the inside and outside parts of the house are not as tidy and clean anymore, as they were before. 
  • The elderly tend to be forgetful about many things like an appointment with the doctor, or the time to take his medicines. These are signs of memory loss.
  • Your loved one is showing some signs of depression. This is usually common among older adults living alone or are isolated.
Choosing the right facility for you

You’ll find an array of assisted living facilities. And, because there’s a lot of them, you may find it difficult to find the best one for your loved one. As you begin searching, don’t find the choices too overwhelming. Always prioritize the senior’s safety in your considerations.

So, if there’s a senior loved one in the family who needs care, but you’re not sure if you can personally provide that care well due to your busy schedule? Let our experienced caregivers assist you. Call Innovative Homecare Solutions today (+1-630-225-0100) for your senior family member’s free assessment. With us, you will surely get the deserving pay for live in care.