Have you ever wondered how a smartphone can make life easier for people with Alzheimer’s? We compiled a list of apps that will help with reminders or train their cognitive abilities. Here are 5 mobile apps for seniors with Alzheimer’s:

Best Mobile Apps for Seniors with Alzheimers

1. MyTherapy Pill Reminder

MyTherapy Pill reminder is an app that reminds the user to take their medications. Users can also keep track of their medication history and inventory. If you know someone who forgets to take their meds, you might want them to install this app.

6 Mobile Apps for Seniors with Alzheimer’s in 2022 6
Availability: Android & IOS

2. Luminosity: Brain Trainer

Luminosity is a free app that trains cognition through games that are focused on memory, reasoning, etc.  This is a good mobile app for seniors with Alzheimer’s to keep their minds active. This is one of the apps for seniors with Alzheimer’s you should consider.

6 Mobile Apps for Seniors with Alzheimer’s in 2022 7
Availability: Android & IOS

3. BetterHelp – Therapy

Depression is very common among elders who have dementia so seeking professional help is generally a good idea. BetterHelp is an app that helps you find the perfect therapist according to your situation.

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6 Mobile Apps for Seniors with Alzheimer’s in 2022 8
Availability: Android & IOS

4. WebMD: Symptom Checker

This is another helpful mobile app for seniors with Alzheimer’s especially since they have to deal with health concerns. With this app, they can now easily check their symptoms and learn about their conditions with just one tap. It also has features that are similar to the first app we listed, like med reminders and etc.

WebMD 1
6 Mobile Apps for Seniors with Alzheimer’s in 2022 9
Availability: Android & IOS

5. Being: My Mental Health Friend

Alzheimer’s and Dementia can lead to a decline in emotional and mental function, that’s why it is important to take care of their mental health. Luckily, we found an app that helps with that. Although it should not be taken as an alternative to professional help, Being is a self-therapy app that helps deal with anxiety, depression, and stress.

6 Mobile Apps for Seniors with Alzheimer’s in 2022 10
Availability: Android & IOS

6. Exercise Plan for Seniors

While it is important to maintain their mental health, their physical health should be maintained as well. This app helps seniors with their daily exercise with simple instructions.

Availability: Android

Keeping Up with the Times

Introducing these apps to elders might be a difficult task at first. But once they get to know how they can help with their condition, it might make things easier for them. And with everything being easy to access nowadays, the help they need might already be on your fingertips. If you need more help beyond what these apps can offer, we at Innovative Homecare Solutions might help you!

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