There are Four million Americans experiencing Glaucoma. Indeed, it is a condition that causes increased pressure to the optic nerves within the eyeball and will also lead gradually to complete blindness. But the more surprising with this is the fact that majority of those have no idea that they are having glaucoma, due to the fact that this condition causes no discomfort or vision issues stages.

But before you will realize that there’s a medical problem, glaucoma already destroys your vision. That’s the important thing you need to be aware of the following risk factors that make one prone to the disease.


1. Advanced Age

As a matter of fact, age puts you are increased risk of developing glaucoma, particularly if you will reached 60 years old. But if you are an African- American, the factor increases much earlier (around the age of 40). So if you fall within the high-risk age group, it is the best time to get an early exam.

advance age

2. Family History

So, if your Family has a history of glaucoma, you are surely at a greater risk of developing this disease with the family members and genetics as well. So, if you are related to individuals with glaucoma,  you  are  more likely prone to develop this condition to your body. Your family line may carry the defective genes that will make you prone to glaucoma.

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3. Ethnicity

Ethnicity as well is one of the risk factors where you consider that African-Americans ages over 40 are the highest risk factor group for developing glaucoma, while Asians are prone to acute angle-closure glaucoma and those of Japanese descent are most likely to develop normal-tension glaucoma.


4. Eye Pressure

On the other hand, it will added to your chances of glaucoma affection if you have a slightly higher natural eye pressure, so if you know that you have this one, regular eye exam are really important.


5. Existing Medications

Glaucoma as well has been linked to a long term corticosteroid use. The Studies relate that continuing us of drug to a higher risk of developing glaucoma.

existing medications

6. Eye Trauma

A major injury can also linked you to develop glaucoma, and if that injury cause you internal eye pressure. For instance, a tumor, detached retina, lens dislocation can actually trigger glaucoma.

eye trauma

7. Existing Medical Conditions

Medical conditions have been also linked to increasing your glaucoma risk – including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure which can increase the internal eye pressure.

medical condition


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