Are you seeking a live-in caregiver for your parent or grandparent? If so, then, consider making him stay at home too, and hire a live-in caregiver instead. Be it full-time or part-time, the caregiver’s roles may vary. They vary in their connection or relationship with the person they are providing care with. It depends on the assistance the older adult needs.

Regardless of his years of experience, the job of a caregiver can be challenging. It is a challenge both on the physical and psychological well-being of an individual. But despite the challenge, the work of a care provider can be rewarding too, considering the support system he provides the elderly. Before hiring an in-home caregiver, it is important to know their key responsibilities.

This way, you will appreciate the professionals all the more, and you will realize how important their job is. Even if you do a background check, you will discover too, how convenient it is to hire someone who can take over for you and provide the same love and care you give your elderly loved one.

Caregiving is such a challenging yet fulfilling task. If you have yet to decide whether to hire a caregiver for your elderly loved one or not, these key roles might help you choose the better option for the senior in the family.

1. Support with the Senior’s Personal Care

Among the major responsibilities of a live-in caregiver is to help an older adult with personal care. Some of the care assistance he provides are bathing, dressing, and grooming. There is a major task on the caregivers’ responsibilities to help the patient attend to his own duties, as well.

2. Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is not restricted to just cooking. A caregiver must have the ability to go beyond simply preparing the meals. The older adult must get the assurance that the care provider is there for him to shop for the ingredients, arrange the food products in their proper place, and more. 

Indeed, it is the main responsibility of the caregiver to cook the meal, dish it adequately, and feed the senior if needed. It is his main duty as well, to clean the dishes and keep the kitchen in constantly perfect condition.

3. General Home Health Care

Health is the most essential aspect of aging. Any senior, at this point in his life, does not prioritize anything else but his health. As his personal assistant at home, your help undeniably comes in handy in terms of providing senior care.

As most older adults usually experience a drop in their cognitive abilities, it is typical for them to forget their doctor’s prescription for a specific medicine. It is then possible for them to overdose with their medicine intake. This is where the caregiver duties take place. It is his responsibility to oversee the senior’s drug intake and ensure that he takes his medicines on time and as prescribed.

4. Assistance with Mobility

Even if a person is aging with some issues in his mobility, he still wants to move. Part of the personal care services is for them to keep the senior company by walking with him and moving around with him to see what’s happening. More often than not, the older adult wants to stay outside as the things he is missing a lot while he is indoors for awhile.

More so, an old person who finds it difficult to enter a vehicle needs the help of a caregiver. This is another task that makes his responsibility very challenging. Nevertheless, it is important that this live-in care provider realizes the priceless assistance he is providing his patient and his family members.

5. Personal Assistance and Support

An older adult typically usually acts like a baby as he ages, and there is no one to blame for this. These baby-like actions mean close, and personal supervision or support is needed. Moreover, it is the job of the caregiver to provide the senior with the care they would provide to a baby. This is the time your parent or grandparent needs supervision on the clothes he’d wear, where he’d walk and finding something.

6. Emotional Support

Caregivers are comfort keepers too.  Top of their qualities is being such a reliable companion. Your elderly individual needs someone who can stand by him and someone he can discuss things and laugh with. These then are where and when the emotional support of the live-in caregiver CNA takes place.

7. Responsible for the Senior’s Transportation

Seniors need all the help when they move from one location to another. While the caregiver supports a senior to move around, it is essential as well, to run errands for them and the task includes taking care of the transportation for him.

8. Mediating for the Senior

As a mediator, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to be that person taking the position to pass on feedback and information from one person to another. This then, is who that care provider should be if he really wants to be an impactful CNA. As such, it is the task of the caregiver to collect all the important information say, from the doctor during the checkup and pass them on to the aging individual and his family.

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Your Choice of Home Care Provider

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