There are more choices for people suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) who are looking for a symptom relief other than mainstream medicine. They may opt for the herbal remedy to hands-on treatments like chiropractic and massage. Additionally, acupuncture for osteoarthritis is yet another great choice, and it may provide some improvements with the symptom when applied as an additional therapy for those with this illness.

What is Osteoarthritis?

The Arthritis Foundation defines osteoarthritis as “Sometimes called degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis.” Also, it is the most typical long-term condition of the joints, impacting an approximate of 27 million Americans. Relatively, this illness can affect any joint. However, it mostly happens in hips, neck, lower back and knees, bases of the thumbs, and small joints of the big toes and the thumb.

Even though osteoarthritis happens to anyone regardless of age, it is most typical in individuals with ages more than 65 years old. Usual risk factors for OA include obesity, joint injury in the past, obesity genes, excessive use of joints, and weak thigh muscles.

What are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

Symptoms of OA may vary according to the type of joints affected and the severity of their effect. Nevertheless, the most typical symptoms are stiffness and pain, specifically during early mornings or after a rest. Relatively, the affected joints typically get swollen most, especially after extended or prolonged activity. These symptoms can develop over time instead of just suddenly showing up. 

Some of the usual symptoms include:

  • Stiffness or soreness of Sore or stiff joints specifically the knees, lower back or hips after an extended activity
  • Limited motion range or stiffness which disappears after a particular movement
  • Cracking or clicking sounds whenever a joint bends
  • There is a minor swelling around the joint
  • The osteoarthritis pain worsens after an activity or towards the day’s end

Below are some of the ways osteoarthritis may impact various body parts:

  1. Knees – scraping or grating sensation takes place when moving the knees
  2. Hips – You’ll feel the pain in the buttocks or groin area, and at times, on the inner part of the thigh or knee
  3. Fingers – Bony growth at the joints’ edge that may lead to swollen fingers; painful feeling at the thumb’s base
  4. Feet – Tenderness and pain at the large joint, as well as the big toe’s base; This symptom may also cause swelling in the toes or ankles

Acupuncture as an Option to Remedy Osteoarthritis

knee acupuncture

Arthritis Foundation describes acupuncture as “A form of medicine traditional Chinese medicine.” The main objective of this treatment is to correct the imbalances of the body’s energy. For this treatment to happen, practitioners are using excellent stainless-steel needles for the stimulation of the 4 primary energy-carrying mediums of the body. 

Indeed, acupuncture is an ideal option for knee osteoarthritis. This alternative form of treatment may help may control, specifically the knee pain and functions. It certainly does so, by boosting the amount of natural pain relief called endorphins, which the body makes.

Is this Alternative Osteoarthritis Treatment for Everyone to Try?

This needle insertion process is not for everyone. Nevertheless, slightly more than 50 percent of the patients who have OA will experience several benefits. This is true, according to an alternative medicine expert, James N. Dillard, MD from Columbia University in New York City. In addition, specific forms of OA may react to acupuncture better than the others.

Specific forms of OA may respond better than others to acupuncture. Patients with knee osteoarthritis tend to be the most successful when it comes to acupuncture treatment. This was according to Dr. Scott Zashin, a rheumatologist. Additionally, this medical expert who is also into electro-acupuncture claims, “it may take three or more sessions before symptoms start to improve.”

Moreover, the benefits of acupuncture typically last for one month or so, after which a follow-up essential is essential. In 2015, the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine published a study. The said research indicates that electro-acupuncture (where the thin needles deliver a small electrical current), applied on patients suffering from OA, helps in reducing markers of inflammation.

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