Even caregivers can be patriotic too. This 4th of July, celebrate Independence Day with the elderly individuals you are providing care. In line with this, are exciting activities you can share or do with them. Indeed, they are activities you can consider patriotic, just so in time for the occasion. 

Most older adults are keenly mindful of the importance of Independence Day. Therefore, introducing them to such exciting things to do this extraordinary day will definitely delight them. Also, they are senior-friendly actions worthy of spending time for. Try these activities, and you are definitely making your caregiving job more meaningful.

5 Exciting Activities for the Elderlies

4th of July festivities and parades are not the only actions or goings-on you can share with a senior you are providing care. In fact, there are other equally exciting indoor and outdoor activities you can try. These are ways to be one with America, the beautiful country’s commemoration of Independence Day.

1. 4th of July Volleyball Tournament

You may coordinate with the other caregivers in the same area where your client resides. Then, gather all the seniors in the community and divide them into two-person teams to battle against one another via a patriotic volleyball game. In relation to this, you can use colors red, blue, and white for the volleyball and team uniforms to go with the occasion’s theme. 

2. The Geography Challenge

In cooperation with the other caregivers in the community, encourage the senior residents to participate in a fun American geography competition. Here, again, you can divide the seniors into teams–men against women. Certainly, this activity will put the seniors’ knowledge and memory of geography to the test. More so, their family and friends can join too, to make the game more fun and exciting.

3. Kite Flying Competition

kite flying

In this game, the seniors don’t just compete against one another by flying their kite higher than the others. They are also encouraged to show their creativity as they are to design or decorate their own kite for outdoor flying. In addition, this game can also be a team effort where seniors can play in pairs where one holds the kite string, and the other helps it get off the ground to fly.

4. Nationalistic  Bingo Game

You can play a patriotic bingo with seniors. Make it a unique experience by designing your own Bingo cards with patriotic themes. As you play the game, you can play patriotic music for the senior residents to hear the song. Also, instead of announcing just numbers to find on the bingo card, have the seniors guess the title of the song like the “Yankee Doodle” song, for one,  which they can find on the card.

5. Play the “Red, White, and Blue Concentration” Game

As part of the 4th of July activities, this group game involves team players sitting in a circle formation. All members take a turn to announce a red, white, or blue object in the sequence. Each player is given 5 seconds to announce his item. This game needs concentration, yielding faster memory, mental processing, and comprehension.

These are only 5 of the many July activities for seniors you can try, especially this Independence Day. Moreover, since most of the activities are for an outdoor experience, be sure to bring a portable chair for the older adult to sit on, and food to be sure your client eats on time. Hot dogs are perfect must-eat for this kind of occasion. Another necessity to pack for these exciting activities is water as the senior needs to stay hydrated.

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