If you think you’ve consumed everything that can make you slim and healthy but to no avail, think again. There’s probably something wrong with your ‘get fit and healthy’ regimen. Why not try including Chia Seeds in most of your food and beverage? Yes, you read it right! So small they are, these seeds have countless huge benefits in a person’s journey to both health and fitness. There are many ways to eat them, too.

Despite their size, chia seeds are rich in essential nutrients. Indeed, they are excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, not to mention, richness in antioxidants. Additionally, they provide calcium, iron, and high fiber. They contain various elements too, that, when consumed as part of a particular diet, may preempt the occurrence of several chronic illnesses.

Fast Facts About Chia Seeds

Surely, you are interested to know the many benefits of these healthy tiny edibles. More so, you will find some facts about these nutritious food elements interesting. Here are some of them:

  1. As earlier mentioned, Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the improvement or increase of good cholesterol, also called HDL cholesterol. HDL is protection against stroke and risk of heart disease. 
  2. Have you heard of the chia pets that became popular in the 90s decade? During these years, chia seeds are described as the same small seeds used for growing an Afro in one’s so-called “Homer Simpson terracotta vase.
  3. An ounce or 28-gram serving of these seeds contains 5.6 grams of protein.
  4. When mixed with water, chia can be a great substitute for an egg in vegetarian cooking.
  5. You can eat dry chia seeds raw or cooked. Nevertheless, you should add them to other food or soak them before eating.
  6. Based on the report of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a 28-gram, or an ounce serving of chia seeds contains:

    • 8.4 grams of fat
    • 11.2 grams of fiber
    • 131 calories
    • 5.6 grams of protein
    • 13.07 grams carbohydrate

These seeds do not contain sugar, so it keeps you away from acquiring type 2 diabetes

chia seeds

Do Chia Seeds Treat Illnesses?

Indeed, these seeds are undoubtedly great sources of nutrients. Above all, they are more famous for their ability to preempt the development of illness. Relatively, the advantages of chia are always credited to its calcium content. The same benefits are also attributed to the other traces of minerals popular for their essential role in bone health.

Research studies have it that a 25-gram portion of these seeds contains about 157-milligram calcium. Similarly, the same are essential sources of calcium, quite more than the 100- milliliter of milk. These small but healthy seeds contain a lot of unsaturated fats, protein, and fiber, which are all popular for promoting stable blood sugar levels. 

Nevertheless, there is no confirmed evidence recommending that these seeds can directly reduce the risk of illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. As part of a balanced diet, Chia seeds are great contributors to an individual’s overall or general health. Other factors have something to do with lifestyle, such as regular exercise is possible to have an impact. Other lifestyle factors, such as regular exercise are more likely to have an effect.

What are the Different Ways to Eat Chia Seeds?

These edible seeds have become very popular even if they are small in size. In fact, they are also famous for their ‘powerful superfood’ feature. More recently they’ve become known as the all-powerful superfood that they actually are. Undoubtedly, Chia seeds are full of protein that has thrice more iron than spinach, twice the potassium amount if compared to bananas, and a perfect fiber source to help treat and ease digestion. 

The better news is that chia seeds are great not just for health remedy but for making the food more appetizing, as well. Undeniably, chia seeds are healthy for so many reasons. First, they contain protein, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, and omega-3s, among the other minerals. Second, you can consume them in so many ways. Here are as follows:

1. As regular Drinking water

This is one of the easiest ways to add chia seeds to your everyday diet. Simply add ¼ cup or 40 grams of chia seeds in 4 cups or 1-liter water from 20 minutes to half-an-hour. You can add squeezed lemon or chopped fruit, a squeezed orange or lemon adds flavor to the water.

2. Add-on to Smoothie

These seeds don’t just give a glass of smoothie better texture. It also makes this refreshing drink more nutritious.

3. For Salad Dressing

It doesn’t matter, whatever your salad dressing is. Instead of adding flavors to your salad through sugar-loaded dressing, prepare dressings filled with a lot of chia seeds.

4. Perfect Coating for Crispy Crumbs when Cooking Fish or Meat

If you love fried dishes, but you feel so guilty about it, worry no more. Simply ground the seeds into finely ground powder and mix them with your breadcrumbs. This is such a great and guilt-free way of frying meat or fish anytime you crave for it.

5. Great for Pancakes

Do you love to eat fluffy breakfast? Add these healthy seeds to your pancake mix, and you will definitely achieve the fluffiness you’ve always wanted.

6. Chia Seeds Instead of Flour in Gravy and Soup

To thicken gravies and stews, use chia seeds instead of flour. Just soak the seeds to make gels then mix them to add thickness.


Chia Seeds Pudding

These healthy seeds are also great add-ons in:

    • Make a Chia Seed Pudding
    • Homemade Jam
    • Mix in Drinks
    • Baked Goods 
    • Use as Main Ingredients for Breakfast Bar
    • Wix with Dip
    • Make them as Eggs Substitute
    • Garnish Food with these Healthy Options
    • Use as Enhancement for Texture in Food
What are the Main Health Benefits of Chia Seeds?

Indeed there are so many health benefits that these seeds bring. But though they are a lot, these advantages are all health-related. Below are three of the many benefits you can get from consuming a lot of Chia seeds, not to mention, regularly.

1. They Help Lose Weight  

The fiber content these seeds have will make you feel full. As a result, you won’t feel the need to eat a lot, also, causing you to lose bodyweight. 

2. They’re Extremely High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants feature components that slow the signs of aging. As a result, anyone regularly eating food and drinking beverages with Chia will remain younger-looking all the time. Also, it makes the hair healthier than ever, and above all, chia seeds help reduce cancer risks.

3. Their High Protein Content Makes You Feel Energized All the Time

If you are not that much of a meat eater, find foods rich in protein. To be sure, mix everything you eat with chia seeds. Relatively, if you add 2 tablespoons of these seeds in each serving of food gives you 4 grams of protein. For better results, pair oats for breakfast with peanut butter to be sure you have enough energy to last all day no matter how busy you become. 

Are there Health Risks these Seeds Bring?

While there are more benefits than risks when overeating these seeds, not to mention, regularly, you should also consider the possible risks. More so, although these seeds are safe to most people consuming them, chia seeds can cause an increased danger of choking. Therefore, ensure you’re consuming them carefully, especially if you find it difficult to swallow food.

The seeds’ gelling properties can be helpful in terms of baking or cooking. Nevertheless, they can be unsafe too, because they can quickly expand and stick into the throat. You must guarantee to soak the chia seeds for a minimum of at least 10 minutes before eating them.