Free Your Free Time

The best thing about retirement years is the free time.

You no longer have to spend a third of your day in work. Your kids have moved out and your life revolves only around yourself.

Growing old has its difficulties, but at least you are free to do things you always wanted to.

You may no longer have the strength of your youth, but there are still many activities for seniors that you could do.

Being physically and mentally active also has health benefits.

It lowers the risk of age-related diseases and improves your quality of life.

Here are six activities that you could do or start doing in your sunset years.

1. Start a Garden

Gardening is one of those activities that, years ago, you wanted to do but just didn’t have the time.

It is a fun, engaging activity that will test your patience and creativity. Gardening connects you with nature—and, as a reward, gives you fresh flowers or fruits and vegetables.

In fact, one study shows that 77% of American households are gardening.

Now on your senior years, you could finally start gardening.

Aside from the creative benefits, gardening could also serve as a great workout.

Of course, not all seniors could handle the kneeling, lifting, and squatting associated with gardening. There are modifications available that could still make gardening a fun activity for seniors.

To paraphrase a saying, the best time to start a garden was twenty years ago—the second best time is now!

elderly couple gardening fun activities for seniors 2

2. Read Books

One could never run out of books to read.

There are multiple lifetimes-worth of books available for every person.

And one of the best ways to spend your senior years is to catch up on your to-be-read list.

Read books about your interests. Read classic novels. Finish the entire bibliography of your favorite writer. You could even read current bestsellers and prize winners.

Aside from the pure joy of reading, it also improves memory, reduces stress, and delays cognitive decline.

That is why reading is often recommend as an activity for seniors.

You could read on a physical book, but options like ereaders and audiobooks are also available.

3. Catch up with Friends

It is inevitable to lose touch with some of our friends. Interests change, someone moves in a different city, disagreements happen.

But now with so much free time, you could reconnect with old friends.

It is good to reminisce about yesteryears, the fun and adventures you had. Or to finally have that closure with that friend you had a falling out with.

Technology could help you get in touch with them.

You could look them up at social media and talk over Zoom or Skype. You could go old school and write them a letter.

Have a happier life by catching up with old friends.

4. Activity for Seniors: Exercise

It is always good to start having an exercise routine.

But as we grow older, exercise becomes even more important.

Being physically active could help prevent or delay certain diseases, as well as improve mood and disposition. It relieves boredom.

And with all the free time, you have no reason not to show up.

Exercise is one of the best activities for seniors.

Start with simple routines. You could walk at the park. You could visit the gym.

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, there are now online exercise clubs for seniors that you could join.

Just make sure to consult with your physician before undertaking any intense workout activity.

5. Volunteer

Various institutions may be looking for volunteer help.

Contact your local hospital, charity, or religious groups if they have something lined up.

Now with the absence of work, volunteering could give you a sense of purpose in your senior years.

It is also a good activity for seniors to engage with their community.

6. Old Hobbies as an Activity for Seniors

When you were younger, did you have that hobby that you just didn’t have the time to practice?

Was it cooking, knitting, or playing an instrument? How about learning a new language? Perhaps you were once a poet?

With your new-found time, you could now return to those hobbies and finally work on that passion project.

Rediscovering old hobbies is a good activity for seniors to keep their minds active.

And doing things you actually love and are passionate for brings satisfaction like no other.

elderly man trying clothes fun activities for seniors

Activities for Seniors: Never too Late to Start!

Growing old has its pros and cons.

Happiness in your senior years depends on how you balance your limitations as an older person and your advantages with all the free time.

Instead of sulking and filling your mind with resentment, you could try to be active.

As Haruki Murakami said, the pain is inevitable but the suffering is optional.

Being active produces a positive feedback that will lead you into a better life: feeling healthier, happier, and in peace.

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