There are various ways of addressing the needs of seniors. However, the best approach is for them to have a live in caregiver. This care provider can be a family member or a professional from a trusted home care agency. One option is the home-based care which, most of the time, the family members offer. Another option is assisted living or nursing home care, which can also be provided by a visiting aide. If you haven’t thought of the type of care to get for your parents or grandparent, the best choice is live-in care for seniors.

In this type of care, the caregiver works full-time and lives in the place where the senior lives. More so, most families opt for a live in caregiver to care for their loved one, especially the older adult. Indeed, live in care assistance is the best appropriate option for seniors to receive care round-the-clock, particularly at night. Also, there is a need for a caregiver to wake up several times each night to provide care for an elderly individual. He also gets up at night to help the senior with his medication. Therefore, a live-in caregiver can provide that much-needed health care.

24-Hour Senior Care

There are some live in caregivers who maintain their own, separate homes. In the caregiving setup, two or more caregivers do alternating live-in shifts within the 24 hours of work time. Each of the caregivers spends 1 to 2 nights in the client’s residence and then exchanges off with the other caregiver when upon the end of his or her shift. In the meantime, there are also live in caregivers who live only in their patient’s homes full-time.

Usually, this caregiver is the only night-time care provider for the senior. Nevertheless, this care provider may get support from other assisting hands, whether he is a caregiver or CNA during the daytime. Therefore, he can already spend some hours off to attend to his personal needs and errands. In some cases, the elderly client goes to an adult day care during the daytime. This then allows the caregiver to take some nights off during the week.

In both circumstances, the caregiver, whether part-time or full-time, should have his own private room to sleep. More so, the client usually typically shoulders the food cost while the caregiver is on duty. The tasks and responsibilities of a live in personal care provider vary according to the senior’s specific needs. More often than not, this care provider fulfills the same tasks of home health aide. Some of these tasks are: providing assistance to the elderly when dressing up, light housekeeping, running some errands, and administering medications, to name a few.

How Much Salary to Expect as a Live in Caregiver

caregiver salary

Usually, for caregivers filling in the live in positions, the salary varies depending on work experience, location of service, expertise, and skills applied in the field. The nationwide salary average for live in caregivers in the United States is reported at $25,185. Salary estimates are said to have been based on 7,761 salaries submitted to Glassdoor by Live In Caregiver employees, by an anonymous contributor

Comfort at Home

Undoubtedly, live in caregiver are among the most demanding professions today because of what they can offer to families. Every household with seniors has every reason to hire a live in caregiver. Based on a study conducted in 2010, an aging individual’s vast majority with ages 65 years old and older chooses to stay in his home as much and as long as he wants. Nevertheless, this ardent desire can sometimes turn into a conflict that brings worsening health conditions.
As a result, there comes a need for assistance in the client’s home so the senior can complete and fulfill his or her everyday tasks like bathing, eating, toileting, and, most of all, keeping a livable home. If you are a caregiver who’s looking for an agency that can give you a fulfilling job, not to mention, a competitive salary, consider Innovative Homecare Solutions, Inc. Our agency has a pool of experienced and skilled caregivers who can provide compassionate care for seniors who need it. Call us today to inquire and apply.