There are so many misconceptions about senior home care. Because of these mistaken beliefs, a lot of households fail to properly care for their elderly loved ones. Indeed, there are still family members who are apprehensive about having a caregiver. For them, these care providers are more like a stranger, looking after the elderly in their home.

There are countless home care myths that hinder a lot of families from entrusting their parents or grandparents to a stay-at-home caregiver. Little do they know that professional caregivers can help seniors for their home health care. Whether it is for long-term or short-term these misconceptions about senior home care should be broken:

Are you are one of the many who still have second thoughts? Do you still doubt about getting a caregiver for your elderly loved one? Now is the perfect time to break the wrong belief. Here are 5 of the misinterpretations about home care for older adults you should start to understand:

1. Only the sick older adults need home care

If your senior loved one is very ill, medical home care services are available for him. However, there are non-medical home care services to assist your parent or grandparent, too. Non-medical services may include assistance with a senior’s day-to-day activities like meal preparation, personal care like bathing, housework and dressing, shopping, and transportation

2. Cost of home care is too much

The cost of senior care at home depends on the level and type of care needed. More so, it also depends on the number of hours each week you would want the older adult at home to receive. What many people don’t know is that home care cost is a more affordable option than an assisted living facility or nursing home. Usually, the hourly rate you pay for senior care at home ranges from as low as $12 to $16.

3. Seniors lose their independence

That’s what the home care agencies are here for–to match caregivers with your care needs. Matching includes the assessment of the skills and personality of the caregiver that perfectly suits your senior loved one.

4. Hiring a caregiver at home is not a choice for seniors who need 24-hour care

You will discover various agencies that have a pool of expert professional caregivers. These professionals can provide care for the older adult 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Indeed, there are so many misconceptions about home care services. And, as someone who’s looking after an elderly loved one, you need to prepare for some research and questions you need to ask either from the agency or the caregiver himself.

Interestingly, recent studies confirm that even those who have weak memories can keep a lasting impression of emotional encounters. Therefore, there is a need to foster such positive emotions in whatever way you can. You may even discover that a simple hug and a song are more effective than any other way.

5. Home care workers tend to abuse the seniors 

Many times, when this happens it, unfortunately, results in a bad reputation for the caregivers in general. Even honest and caring ones become affected. This won’t happen if you ask an agency about their process in screening their applicants and if they are conducting background checks. 

When interviewing the caregiver you intend to hire, ask about the training he’s had and the certifications he has received. Usually, it is the agency’s supervisor to oversees the caregiver’s work.

If you don’t have any idea which agency to partner with for your senior loved one, you can trust Innovative Homecare Solutions for any type of care. The agency has well-trained staff who has had countless experiences in being constant companions to their clients at their own homes.

The compassionate caregivers we have are people who are willing to give their selves to their work and are trained and committed to the highest standards of integrity, quality, and reliability. Because of this, we don’t simply care for families, we become part of theirs.