Sore throat is a quite common problem. One is said to suffer from the sore throat when the pharynx or back of the throat gets inflamed. The membrane covering the pharynx may turn red in case of a sore throat. When soreness occurs, there is much irritation of the throat, pain in the throat. The patient may find it difficult to swallow food and the voice may turn hoarse. There may also be post-nasal drip if the inflammation extends to nasal passages. The lymph nodes may also swell and turn tender. Cough, chills, fever, headache, earache, stuffy or runny nose, etc may accompany sore throat.

The causes of this problem may be listed as follows:

sore throat

  1.  Bacterial or viral infections as in the case of ailments like common cold and flu, influenza, tonsillitis, sinusitis, diphtheria, measles, mumps, etc.
  2.  Breathing through mouth
  3. Medications like antibiotics, immune-compromising drugs, etc.
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Throat cancer
  6. AIDS
  7. Leukemia
  8. Excessive smoking
  9. Talking loudly or shouting.

Effective Ways to Prevent Sore Throat

The disease sore throat is not a vital cause for the human body. But it can be dangerous at any time. We have to take the prevention of the virus by taking some actions against the spread out of the virus. Pharyngitis is the virus that causes the sore throat. Sore throat remedies are the way of avoiding the effects of sore throat. We can easily remove the bad effects of sore throat by building social and personal awareness. It will not cost money and time from any person.

Sore throat is normally occurring by a very contagious virus. We have to beware of that virus. Sore throat remedies are mostly done by the awareness building and maintaining some rules and regulations regarding the disease. There are many effective prevention methods available given by specialists and doctors. Those are given below;

  • Staying inside of the home: We can prevent the sore throat spread out by staying inside of one’s home. The virus is very contagious, so anyone can be the victim of a sore throat. It can spread by the touch and cough and the sneezing also.
  • Make the habit of using handkerchiefs. If you have the virus in you, then you may sometimes cough and sneezing signs. If you then use a handkerchief to block the germs of the virus, then it will be beneficial for all.
  • Gargling with hot and saltwater: In your throat, there are plenty of sore throat viruses culturing their germs in your body. If you just use the salt and hot water gargling, then the germs and the viruses are washed away by the effective elements of salt and hot water. Sore throat remedies by the gargling are the most used and famous process around the world.
  • Taking herbal teas: Herbal teas have the ability to remove the pain and the germs of a sore throat from your body and the throat.
  • Appearance pollution avoiding: It can be also a good idea to prevent the sore throat by avoiding the polluted air and smoke and fume. Smoking also pollutes the air, so whenever one is smoking it is wise not to stay close to the smokers.
  • Stop sharing foods and washes your hand: Sharing the food items can be the way of spreading the virus. We should stop the sharing habits and culture the habit of washing our hands before and after taking the food.

Sore throat prevention of these processes is not the only way. Some medicines are also used to prevent the disease. But it will not be a wise idea to apply the antibiotics to your body. Antibiotics do not kill the virus, it kills the bacteria. It may be not suitable for everyone. Sometimes it has an adverse effect on the human body. One may experience vomiting, illness, and a lack of desire to take food.

We should not worry about the disease because it naturally gets rid of the human body by some days.