Is there a senior family member at home who needs live in care from a professional caregiver? If you don’t have any idea how to start availing of any of the home care services your elderly loved one might need, don’t worry. This article will enlighten you and help you decide which care is best for your parent or grandparent. But first, you need to know precisely what live in care for the elder means.

Live-in senior care is a 24-hour care service focusing on keeping older adults in their homes. This type of care is frequently provided by a nurse or caregiver, placing care at home. As such, the caregivers in shifts range from 12 or 24 hours up to a few days or even one full week. The live in carer can offer services ranging from house-cleaning and shopping from the grocery to meal preparation and assisting the senior when dressing and bathing.

Additionally, the live in caregiver is usually present 24 hours a day. However, he does not necessarily live with the senior in his home. It means that caregivers are providing live in care in their own homes and work in shifts 24 hours. With this kind of service, the elder receiving care can sleep through the night and does not need supervision at all after going to bed. 

This manner, live in care is somewhat different from the 24-hour care wherein the former, a caregiver is can to sleep without any disturbance through the night.

The Benefits of Hiring a Caregiver for Live In Care

The main advantage of this home health care is that the senior stays in his home, which means, he can indeed, live balanced with enhanced safety and improved quality of life. And, even when an older adult faces extreme sickness, staying in his home quite a benefit for him. 

Also, live in care is developed based on a customized plan of care outlining the goals set forth by the care team including the elder, his family, social worker, doctor, and basically whoever has the legitimate right to approval to some sort of decisions. Among the other benefits of this type of care are:

  • Better nutrition through the management of diet and preparation of the meal
  • Proper administration of medication including a constant reminder of medication intake and as per the prescription
  • Improved involvement of the family
  • Less anxiety and stress, especially with things such as going to and from the doctor’s appointment or grocery store

Your senior loved one surely needs live in care if he:

  • is presently recovering from an illness
  • has limited mobility
  • is withdrawn or isolated from others
  • feels overwhelmed while taking care of himself
  • lives far away from his family, friends, or whoever can support him and lend a hand
  • has Alzheimer’s or dementia

Services Offered

There are different services available when you hire a caregiver to provide live-in home care for an older adult. Below are some of the personal care services you can give the senior to help him with his activities of daily living:

The Right Live In Care Company for Your Loved One


Choosing the right care provider for your loved one is very vital. If you don’t know how to pick the right agency you can trust and depend on to give your whole family peace of mind 7 days a week, don’t worry. We’ll give you one tip: Imagine yourself in a job interview, and you are the boss–the employer!

As such, ask the agency or the caregiver questions with answers you already found from above. Don’t hesitate to ask questions because definitely, you want everything to be perfect at home despite your elderly loved one’s condition. Make sure you’ve got everything covered, aside from the contract which you should read carefully, know the fees and services, too.

So, is there a senior loved one in the family who needs care but you’re not sure if you can personally provide that care well due to your busy schedule? Let our experienced caregivers assist you. Call Innovative Homecare Solutions today (+1-630-225-0100) for your senior family member’s free assessment. With us, you will surely get the deserving pay for live in care.