Are your parents or grandparents in their senior year? Hesitations are probably bothering you now. Well, if this is how you feel right now, you should stop worrying because it is a guarantee that your elderly loved ones are okay. They will be even better if you entrust them to an agency that can provide them with continuing care without leaving their home.

Yes, you read it right! Your elderly loved one need not to leave home and stay in a senior housing facility just to ensure his safety 24/7. While there are different housing options for you, your parents or grandparents’ own home is still the best option. Here, they can receive assisted living home care agencies in the comfort of their home.

10 Fears Turned Into Good Reasons 

Indeed, it is not wrong to take the senior in your family to a studio or one-bedroom senior facility if that’s what he wants. However, more often than not, older adults prefer to stay the rest of their lives in the comfort of their home. Even if such facilities offer an array of essential services for care, home care can be equally fun, too. Below are  10 more reasons why you should not fear senior living:

1. Independence

More often than not, seniors, and even their family and loved ones, firmly believe that entering a facility for a senior living takes their freedom away from them. This is not true because there is an option for them to receive care at home. In addition to this, those who opt for the assisted living service for their senior loved one at home will get assistance with cooking, laundry, cleaning, or any activity they need help with.

2. Loneliness

Loneliness is among common beliefs of older adults and their loved ones. Indeed, they worry too much that getting into senior care means sacrificing their relationships and losing their interaction with other people. Definitely, this won’t happen with a caregiver around your parent or grandparent’s home. The caregiver can be a great companion, not just inside the senior’s house but even outdoors when. He can meet with the other seniors for some fun activities together with a companion. 

3. Isolation

Your parent or grandparent may already be in his senior years. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean he has to be home all the time and can no longer go out. WIth a caregiver keeping him company and assisting him with his daily activities, he won’t get isolated at all. In fact, he can even go out and attend to his other commitments outside his home as his care provider is there to accompany him.

4. Cost 

Indeed, hiring a caregiver means extra spending. But it is not a costly expenditure. You just need a corresponding amount of money to ensure your senior loved one is receiving all the proper care and assistance he needs. One thing is sure–spending for senior care at home is worth the money.

5. Premature Aging

Many people worry that having a professional caregiver to take care of their senior loved one results in premature aging. On the contrary, this is not true. It is entirely possible for the senior to feel and look younger as he enjoys social activities with his caregiver. The senior care which homecare agencies provide is not designed for aging. Instead, it is available for the enhancement of the older adult’s quality of life.

6. Issues on Trust

Most seniors considering the senior living facility are apprehensive about the caregiver’s trustworthiness. The seniors, on the other hand, worry that their children or grandchildren might leave everything to the caregiver who, in turn, might abandon or neglect them. Fortunately, this is a misconception. All caregivers are trained to handle the aging people with so much affection.

7. Away from the Family

Since the senior is receiving care at home, his family and loved ones can always visit him anytime if he lives alone. If you are a family member and you are the one hiring the caregiver for the senior, you will definitely be in constant coordination with the care provider for updates. Therefore, home care for a senior living definitely does not take the elderly away from his family.

8. Senior’s Control of His Own Life

The caregiver typically creates a lineup of activities for the senior to ensure a better quality of life. However, this does not mean that he must follow, even if they are against his will. The development of such actions and events are according to the abilities and capabilities of the older adult.

9. Neglect from Family

It’s not true that people consider senior living facilities for parents or grandparents because they don’t care about them anymore. In fact, they even want to make sure the elderly in their family is well taken care of. They want to guarantee that as their loved one ages, there is someone reliable taking care of him.

10. Adjusting in Senior Living

Initially, it may be a challenge for the older adult to adjust in the presence of a person they haven’t met in their life. However, this should not bother you if you are considering to hire one for your loved one. Caregivers can adjust to any mood and behavior a senior might have in a day. Also, you don’t need to worry about the elderly’s adjustments in senior living. Indeed, it is the care provider who’s going to adjust to whatever situation there may be. 

The Perfect Companion for Your Elderly Loved One

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