The environment is extremely for everyone especially someone with Alzheimer’s.

Be aware of things the person with dementia might be seeing, hearing, touching, tasting or smelling. This thing will also affect his or her comfort and sense of security.

Calming elder

Sensory Input

                Just like all the sights, sounds, and smells of a busy or chaotic place can be tiring to us, too much sensory input can also wear out our loved ones.


                Older people with memory loss often cannot see well. Whether they have vision loss or simply have lost the ability to interpret what they see, people with memory loss may need more day, and darkened at night. Contrasting colors painted on door frames can also help the person with vision impairment find doorway easier.


                Since hearing input may be confused, keep sounds simple. Often, the person with memory loss is not hard of hearing, he or she simply can’t interpret sounds as easily as the person without memory loss. Some kinds of music, for example, might sound like someone crying or in distress. Get rid of music or TV that just plays in the background, also use music or TV when it has a purpose and is the center of attention, not just background noise.


                Touch sensation is important to many people with memory loss. If they have difficulty interpreting visual stimulation, they may try to understand things using touch. If you watched your loved one, you may see him/ her stroking or picking at the fabrics of chairs, feeling the walls and handrails to tell the difference in texture.

Taste and Smell

                These are the senses we use most when eating. People don’t eat as well when taste and smell are poor or confused. Weight loss happens to almost everyone with memory loss unless special attention is paid to the senses involved while eating.

As a caregiver, you should aim to provide a consistent environment.

People with memory loss respond best to a daily routine and structure. Adding routine to the day may make a big difference in your loved one’s feelings and security and stability. The routine from your loved one will mean having breakfast at the same time each day followed by certain activities that lead up to lunch and so on. The same schedule every day may seem boring to you, but those with Alzheimer’s find it comforting.

People with Alzheimer’s can become wary about going anywhere unfamiliar. They feel most comfortable, safe, and secure in a familiar environment – often, at home. They may also experience stress easier than those without memory loss. You can lower the level of stress by being aware of the environment and using the awareness to bring calm and comfort and a sense of security to their life.


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