Having an aging person in the family is quite a challenge. Even if we try to understand the condition, including the behavior of our loved ones, sometimes, we tend to become impatient that we don’t know what to do anymore. Luckily, home care facilities exist to cope with the significant change in our loved one.

Substantially, home care is described as a professional medical and nursing care, or personal care services delivered in the home of the client. Indeed, such services are available to enhance the aging person’s quality of life, allowing him to stay in the home setup.

7 Important Facts About Home Care Agency

You might find it a bit confusing to choose for the right home care agency for your senior loved one. However, these 7 important information will help you choose the right institution for your parent or grandparent. Consequently, you’ll know if you’ve opted for the right one if most of them (if not all) are present in what the company is offering:

1. The Services this Agency offers

Typically, a home care agency offers the following services:

  • Support with bathing and personal hygiene
  • Assistance with the senior’s struggle with mobility whether it is a minor or major issue
  • Meals preparation
  • Management of the patient’s medication
  • Companionship
  • Taking care of the older adult’s transportation by driving him from and to his appointment with the doctor or the grocery store


2. Skilled Caregiver/CNA in the House

Through the nursing assistance offered to those with an array of medical diagnoses and needs, the agency provides some of the most common treatments such as:

  • Breathing treatments for someone with asthma and COPD
  • Ventilator care
  • NG tube and feeding tube care
  • Administering medications which include IV drugs and injections (as needed)
  • Wound care
  • Services registered nurses provide for home care


3. Added Benefits of Home Care Assistance

Essentially, by opting for home care, seniors can maintain their independence. Relatively, according to research, this option is essential in the promotion of long-term health. Moreover, the home care assistance an agency provides certainly helps any older adult maintain his dignity. Also, more often than not, bathing and toileting can be a struggle for a lot of seniors, specifically those with issues in their mobility. 

The other benefits of choosing an agency to provide home care services include:

  • More personalized home care services that meet unique needs
  • In-home caregivers are guaranteed reliable, dependable, on top of their efficiency 
  • Reduces the level of concern of the family members
  • Excellent quality care
  • Somebody else to rely on to run errands for your senior loved ones


4. Common Goals for Home Health Care 

Home care facilities have many goals which may vary significantly depending on clients’ needs. However, the domineering goals include:

  • Keeping the patient safe
  • Guaranteeing happiness of the older adult
  • Easing challenges in the activities of daily living
  • Enhancing the ability of the patient to maintain his optimal functions in life
  • Providing respite care for both family and friends


5. Who May Benefit from In-Home Care Services?

The seniors or patients are not the only ones benefiting from getting services from a home care agency. Certainly, the family members and friends enjoy some of the advantages, too. And undoubtedly, a lot of people will find home care for seniors beneficial. Typically, such services are rendered to those with chronic diseases or experiencing certain conditions such as:


6. Home Care Cost

Undeniably, it is quite a struggle to approximate home care cost accurately. Costs may vary remarkably according to the agency that provides the services. More so, they depend on the location of the patient’s residence. 

Typically, the cost of services is dependent on the needs of the senior patient. This actually, is among the most significant advantages of home care. It offers the elderly and their respective families, which not all facilities can provide.


7. Non-Medical Services for Home Care Offers Other Options

Non-medical services are undoubtedly beneficial, and they enhance most seniors’ quality of life. However, there are some restrictions on what such services offer. Home health aides are legitimately and ethically restricted in the services they can provide their clients. For instance, the non-medical home care aide cannot administer injections or even change catheters.

Even though he cannot do the said tasks, he has other support to offer, instead, like providing companion care. Additionally, he can also assist the senior who his having a hard time toileting or changing clothes. He can run some errands for the patients or keep him company, especially when going to his doctor’s appointment.

The Agency You Can Depend On

Now that you’ve discovered more than the basics of hiring a home care provider, it’s time to choose the right agency. Undoubtedly, Innovative Homecare Solutions, Inc. is the perfect choice for your senior loved one. Fortunately, our experienced caregivers can assist you with anything you need for the older adult in your family. 

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